Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Great site for morally responsible investment activists

Here's a great resource for anyone working on morally responsible investment in their church or on campus.

It's a website called Who Profits?

Who Profits? is a website built and maintained by the Coalition of Women for Peace. It's an online database of all the companies that support, sustain, and profit from the illegal and immoral Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

Here's some cool things you can do with the website:

1) You can search by country of origin. Just go to Advanced Search on the site and type in your country under Location. This gives you all the companies that originate from your country that profit from the occupation. So, for example, if you're from Sweden, you can search for Swedish companies that help build and sustain the occupation.

2) You can also search by country of activity. Just type in your country under "Global Presence" in the Advanced Search menu. This gives a list of companies that profit from the occupation that have a presence in your country. So, if you're Canadian, you can search for companies that profit from the occupation that might have a store or sell products in your area, whether or not those companies are Canadian-owned or not.

3) You can also report a company. So for those of you living in Palestine and Israel, if you see a company that has chains in settlements, or is involved in the Wall or checkpoints, or is supplying the Israeli military with equipment they use to maintain the occupation, you can report it by going here

Let's try it, shall we? There's a Domino's Pizza chain in the French Hill settlement, but Domino's doesn't show up on the Who Profits database. Who wants to help me report Domino's by clicking here?

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