Monday, March 30, 2009

Today is Land Day!

Today, March 30th is Land Day and is in commemoration of the first Land Day that occurred in 1976. In 1976 on this day a general strike was called by the Palestinian leadership inside of Israel (by Palestinians who had remained inside of Israel's borders after the 1948 War and had become Israeli citizens). On this same day, marches and demonstrations were also held in protest against the Israeli government's decision to confiscate thousands of acres of land owned by Palestinian citizens of Israel for Jewish Israeli use.

During clashes with the Israeli Army and police, 6 Palestinians were killed, 96 Palestinians were injured, and over 300 Palestinians were arrested. Palestinian villages in Israel were declared closed military zones and curfew was imposed.

Palestinian land in Israel and the West Bank continue to be confiscated by Israel today. Land continues to be confiscated in the Galilee, in East Jerusalem (i.e. the al Bustan neighborhood in East Jerusalem scheduled for demolition), and in the West Bank to build the Wall or Separation Barrier, to build roads that only settlers can use, to expand settlements, and to create new illegal settlements.

Protests are being held all over Israel/Palestine and in cities across the world today calling for action to be taken against these illegal confiscations.

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