Sunday, April 19, 2009

Watch the World Famous "Sharmouta" Clip from B'Tselem

If Arthur Gish's story of working on the Christian Peace Maker Team in Hebron below was interesting to you, watch a video of an example of the kinds of altercations he would have had to deal with there. The second portion of this 6 minute clip from B'Tselem's "Shooting Back" program is now world famous and has become known as the "Sharmouta" video.

The first portion of the clip shows a settler boy drunk throwing stones and harassing a Palestinian family. You'll notice that a cage has been erected around the Palestinian residence in an attempt to alleviate frequent acts of harassment like the one shown. The second clip begins by displaying the distress of one of the members of the Palestinian family. She is trying to help her brother get safely home from school. Frequently, Palestinian children have stones thrown at them or suffer other forms of abuse on their way home from school if they are not accompanied. Toward the end of the clip you'll see a settler woman heckling the woman worried about her brother. This portion of the video is the reason the clip became known as the "Sharmouta" video.

This video is a great illustration of the situation in high conflict areas in the West Bank, particularly Hebron. Its important to know that altercations such as these are not out of the ordinary.

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