Monday, April 13, 2009

Campus Activism Opportunity for U.S. YFOS

Great opportunity for young friends of Sabeel on U.S. college campuses:

"Last year, our anti-apartheid speaking tour, Separate Is Never Equal, we had 10 events on campuses and forged relationships with amazing groups of students and faculty across the country. This year, we want to build on the education done during Separate Is Never Equal by spending more time with a few select campuses and implementing intensive training to support groups organizing for boycott and divestment campaigns on campuses.

We know that boycott and divestment campaigns (BDS) require real time and energy investments and we want to work closely with campus communities to develop leadership in student groups, solidify connections with supportive faculty and build coalitions between campuses and community groups working to unify campaigns in selected cities.

The tour is being organized with consultation from Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine - the only campus group to have successfully divested from Israel's illegal military occupation. We will bring the lessons learned during Hampshire's two-year campaign to campuses across the country and build a support network for campuses organizing BDS campaigns. The US campaign will commit to working side-by-side with groups in the selected cities before, during and after the tour to build sustainable BDS campaigns modeled after the work that was done to end apartheid in South Africa during the 1970s and 1980s.

Regardless of what investments your university may hold there are myriad ways to get involved in BDS. We will offer students, faculty and community groups a full menu of options, from divesting from war profiteers like Caterpillar, to boycotting Motorola on campus, to selective purchasing like having campus food service buy Palestinian olive oil."

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Young friends outside of the U.S.--let us know what's happening on campuses and in churches at home!

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