Monday, May 4, 2009

Motorola Shareholder Meeting today: Send Emails to Moto!

Motorola, Inc. is having its annual shareholder meeting today in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Although Motorola shareholders will primarily be discussing why Moto is losing so much money, representatives from the United Methodist and Presbyterian churches will be present to attempt to pass a shareholder resolution calling for Motorola to respect human rights and international law wherever it it does business. Outside the meeting, human rights advocates will be demonstrating, passing out fliers, and educating arriving shareholders about Motorola's violations of international law and human rights.

This is important because Motorola has long been complicit in the Israeli occupation. Until recently, Motorola sold bomb fuzes to the Israeli military. Researches from Human Rights Watch found evidence that these bomb fuzes were used in the attack on Gaza when they found Motorola serial numbers in shrapnel at the sight of a bombing of a civilian target in the Gaza Strip.

Moto has sold its department that made bomb fuzes but it still makes communication and surveillance equipment for the Israeli military and Israeli settlements, technology used in Israel's Separation Wall in the West Bank, and cell phone systems solely for the use of Israeli settlers.

Send an email to Motorola's management telling them you want the company to stop profiting off of Israel's illegal and immoral occupation of Palestine! Motorola is a multinational company, so we can all help on this one!

Hang up on Motorola, and hang up on apartheid. Click here to send an email and find out more.

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